What Driveways Go With Your House

In this day and age, the housing styles vary more and more. Ranging from traditional styled houses which includes masonry walling to contemporary styled houses with a clean render finish. Finding a driveway to suit that style of your house can be quite tricky sometimes as it can be hard to visualise.

Another factor not considered during this decision process is the features that are on the house. Some houses have old iron cast guttering whilst others have uPVC styled guttering and fascia around their house.

This can play a huge factor into how your new driveway will blend into it. For example, a traditional styled gravel driveway with muted colours will contrast significantly against a dark coloured roofline.

Always try to balance the style against the house in order to ensure it looks part of its surrounding and not some patchwork quilt styled entrance to your home.

With bright uPVC guttering or lightly coloured tiled roofs we recommend a more modern styled driveway such as block paving or Tegula.

With cast iron guttering styles, we recommend a more traditional styled driveway such as cobble stones and gravel driveways.

Regardless of the finishing choices for your driveway, always make sure that the water draining from your roof is siphoned off correctly and does not pool on your driveway.

This can be achieved by using an underground drainage system which allows entry by a channel or gulley top. This is then carried either away to a soak away pit or to the drainage system of the house.

If you do see coloured water coming from the roof, this can be a sign that you have some sort of blockage or debris on your roof. This should be looked at immediately to make sure it does not lead to other damaging effects.

You could always get a professional such as TC Roofers – Roofing Contractors to look over it and check if you need your roofing repaired or the blockage cleared off your roof. The quicker you get your roof looked at the less chance it can lead to serious damage or needing a new roof.

Another great tip is to make sure that the downpipe coming from the roof is slotted into the drain allowing enough for room for water to drain away fast. In heavy downpours, it can easily back fill and leak onto your driveway leading to a stained or flooded drive.

If you need any more tips for your roofing, make sure to visit https://www.jsmdriveways.co.uk/blog/6229/roofing-tips/ to learn more about roofing contractors.